Sunday, 19 August 2018




"Thanks again for your support of my rotto campaign.  Your words of wisdom and your unshaking belief in me really helped me get in the right shape AND helped me on the day."
Jess - first-time Rottnest soloist.
"I enjoyed the coaching session so much and feel that you explained many aspects of what we should be trying to achieve and how to achieve the desired stroke. The video footage was terrific, and explaining exactly what was happening with everyone’s stroke."
Dave - Masters swimmer, freestyle clinic attendee


"After swimming for some years I had no idea there was so much more to learn. I found the session gave me a whole new interest in swimming technique, and am excited (and determined) to improve on my current style."
Lea - Masters swimmer, freestyle clinic attendee
"You have lifted me to a new level in not only my swimming but in my personal outlook. I smile every time I swim now and this is mainly because of your positive and
encouragement you have given to me."
Lesley - beginner swimmer

"I thought the lesson was amazing and I started putting it into practice last night. I am sure at times it felt much smoother." 
Alison - Masters swimmer, Rottnest soloist.

"Thanks again for the session today and not just that, but the whole year. You are an awesome coach and I just love training with you. I have benefitted so much from working with you and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your ability as a coach. I've worked with a few over the years and I'd choose you in a heartbeat." 
Anthony - World Masters silver medallist, Masters National Champion & National Record Holder.

"Thanks for the lesson. You are amazing. I very much enjoyed it and what you taught me will be invaluable! Can't wait to try and put it all into practise!"
Leah - Physiotherapist and keen swimmer.

"Thanks so much for the lesson, I feel I got a lot out of it and will try and practice the techniques whilst I'm away."
Karen - beginner swimmer.

"Thank you for the great lesson, and very nice to meet you too. I will switch to practising these drills until our next lesson as they're making a big difference."
Dan - beginner swimmer

"Elena is irreplaceable. The enthusiasm, passion and variation in her training sets is unique."
Peter - committed amateur swimmer.

"Thanks so much Elena. We love you. Thanks for all you do for us. We do appreciate your generosity, your skill and your encouragement."
Theresa - committed Masters swimmer

"Thanks so much for the lesson and for sending the information through so quickly. I got so much more out of that lesson that I could have imagined!"
Tina - beginner swimmer