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eSWIM offers private swim classes for swimmers who need individual advice and tuition.  eSWIM also offers group classes for those wanting to improve their swimming fitness and train in a non-competitive and friendly environment.  All classes are conducted at HBF Stadium (formerly Challenge) (click here for our map).
Just look on the pool allocation board for which pool your class is in or ask at reception on your way through.

Please contact Elena if you are interested in arranging a private lesson or attending a group class.  You will need to complete the Enrolment Form  before you attend your first class or lesson.


Private Lessons

eSWIM offers three different levels of private lessons:
Beginner – for those just starting out and with little to no swimming experience.
Stroke Correction – for swimmers looking to improve technique.
Private Training – for swimmers wanting a regular training session.
BEGINNER LESSONS – You’re never too old to learn to swim!  Start lessons now and enjoy the wonderful benefits of swimming.  These lessons are suited to absolute beginners.  Your lesson time is just for you to ensure you are able to relax and focus.
Beginner Lesson Costs
  • 1 hour - $100
  • ¾ hour - $85
  • ½ hour - $70
  • 6 x 1 hour package - $560

As a guide, a beginner will need at least 6 x 1 hour lessons to learn the basic skills to swim independently.

STROKE CORRECTION – If you can already swim but need work on your technique to ensure you are swimming efficiently, then stroke correction lessons are the best option.  Book a single lesson or a series of lessons and feel the change in your stroke.
Stroke Correction Lesson Costs
First lesson –  $125 – 1.25 hours
Subsequent lessons:
$100 – 1 hour
$85 – ¾ hour
$70 – ½ hour
Duo Stroke Correction – for two swimmers of a similar standard. 
First lesson – $165 – 1.25 hours
Subsequent lessons – $140 – 1 hour
PRIVATE TRAINING – Secure a weekly lesson time over the term and continue to build fitness and technique.  
A minimum of 6 lessons per term must be booked for Private Training Session Costs.
Solo Training - personalised attention:
1 hour - $95
¾ hour - $80
½ hour - $70
Duo training – two swimmers per session:
1 hour - $135
eSWIM understands that life can sometimes get in the way of a swim and if you need to cancel, every effort will be made to reschedule your class for another time to suit.  If you can provide at least 24 hours notice we will be able to reschedule your class with no cancellation fee.  If you can’t provide 24 hours notice and we can’t fill your lesson with someone else then a $35 cancellation fee will be charged. If you need to cancel your lesson on the day it is scheduled please text Elena on 0415 314082.  Please do not call as the call may not be answered while lessons are on.
Group Classes
Group classes can be attended on a casual basis.  Each session runs for 1 hour and the classes are held on:
Mondays 10:30 - 11:30am
Thursdays 9:30 - 10:30am
First Saturday of the Month: 3:00 - 4:00pm (please check calendar for dates as Saturday classes are not held on Long Weekends)
A minimum level of skill is required to attend the group classes to ensure that all swimmers are comfortable in a squad environment.  If you can swim 100m freestyle without stopping then come along to a group class.  You can pay per class or purchase a 10 class pass.
Group Class Cost
$15.00 per class
$130.00 for a 10 class pass ($20 saving) 

All lesson and classes can either be paid for my direct transfer as per the bank details below or with cash at the lesson or class.
Bank transfer details:
Account Name  eSWIM
BSB                   814 282
Account             50400218
(Please use your surname as your payment reference)

Prices effective 1st April 2018.  All prices inclusive of GST
*Please note that pool entry fees are not included in these prices and must be paid before entering the pool.



What to Bring

All swimmers will need to provide their own training equipment for all lessons and classes as follows:

  • Goggles
  • Fins 
  • Kick board
  • Pull buoy if you have one
  • Water bottle

If you need to purchase these items you can get them from sporting shops and online at swim suppliers such as Aqua Shop.  A few tips when purchasing your equipment:



This is a very personal decision as goggles have to feel comfortable and fit the shape of your face.  The best way to find out whether a specific pair of goggles is the right shape or fit is to put the eye pieces on without the strap around your head and if they stay on your face for at least 3-5 seconds then they’re a good fit.  Some people prefer the larger mask-type goggles which provide good vision and tend not to leave raccoon marks around your eyes.  If you usually wear glasses or contact lenses it is possible to get prescription goggles and they are worth investing in as it will make your swimming experience a whole lot more enjoyable if you can see where you’re going.  



For beginner swimmers it is best to get fins that have a longer blade.  Scuba fins are too long and the short training fins are not long enough.  Try to get something like this:


Kick board

Any lightweight streamlined kick board will be fine.  Don’t get the most expensive board you can but get one that suits your size. If you’re petite there’s no point getting a giant kickboard!  


If you have other equipment such as pull buoys and hand paddles then you can also bring these to your sessions.