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2017 eSWIM Rotto Training Squad - Testimonials


Testimonials from the 2017 eSWIM Rotto Squad

“I have had time to reflect on my recent solo Rottnest crossing and thought I would share my biggest learning, the value of a squad.

Having previously completed 5 solos, this was the first time I actually joined a squad. What I now realise is the importance of preparation outside of just physical swimming. Through the squad, details of dietary requirements, race plan, tapering were clearly laid out well before the day.  The time to be able to evaluate different food groups and try them out was invaluable to ensure I didn’t fall into the trap of sea sickness.

In addition the way the squad was structured through the weeks, it really gave me the sense that it was building to race day and we were going to be prepared as best as we could possibly be. Through the regular emails and updates no stone was left unturned to ensure we were all set up.

The day itself was just a pleasant surprise to me (and others) and I am very happy to say it was my best crossing.

I would highly recommend this approach to others.”
Chris, 2017 solo swimmer

2018 Chris


“Thanks again for your brilliant support and reassuring words.  You are by far the BEST swim coach I’ve ever had . And FYI, your email to me actually did enter my head when I was feeling a bit low at some stages during the crossing – and helped me believe that I would indeed make it….  (“If Elena thinks I can do it, then I can…. cos she seems to know what she’s talking about…”)”
Jess, 2017 solo swimmer

”What can I say except thank you.  Without your coaching and support I could never have made it to Rotto, especially not on a day like we had. I love your attitude to swimming and coaching, appreciate your technical expertise and have enjoyed your humour on deck. Thank you so much.”
Mel, 2017 solo swimmer

2018 Nicky 2018 Kristy 2018 duo

“Thank you so much.  The torture has been an absolute pleasure”
Alison, 2017 solo swimmer

Thank you for your knowledge, patience, wisdom & encouragement. We have loved being a part of your squad.”
Joe, 2017 duo swimmer

”Thanks once again for all the advice, encouragement and support. And of course, the hard kick up the arse when needed.”
Lesley, 2017 solo swimmer

“Just stuck for words! An incredible journey for me and proud to be associated with you, Lockey and the group.  Have to be one of, if not the highlight of my life to date!”
Alex, 2017 solo swimmer

“Thank you for helping me with the most important part of my stroke, my confidence.”
Tom, 2017 solo swimmer

2018 Tom1 2018 Tom2

“Thank you so much for all your advice and support.  The squad has been awesome.”
Anna, 2017 solo swimmer

“Thank you so much for everything!  For making swimming so enjoyable. I’ve never enjoyed swimming so much in my life!  I now feel like a real life mermaid.  I cannot believe how much I have improved in such a short amount of time and all your wonderful sets built my endurance.  You have built such a wonderful supportive squad full of wonderful people and it is just so lovely to be part of it.”
Hannah, 2017 solo swimmer

“The constant feedback by email exchange was priceless. You were way too busy at sessions to field everyone’s questions, but sure as hell made up for it with the extreme detailed and very quick responded emails. Best part of the training. Looking back on it now, people ask me how hard is it to do a solo. Now I say not too hard. I had a coach who tells you what to do. Do what she says, and you'll make it. I think you can definitely and confidently tell / sell the fact if swimmers listen to your EVERY detail they will make it. But EVERY detail. The camaraderie from Lane 4 was like something I have never had. I absolutely loved spending time with my team mates and sure hope we are all together next year. This is something I didn't expect. Man oh man! The selling of your quote, "Your support team has to be better at support then you are a swimmer" was HUGE. Another one that I think of every day....even in my marathon run training....If you don't change your pace, you won’t change your pace! I guess I could go on forever, but those are the key thoughts I think of when anyone asks me about eSWIM and doing Rotto. Thanks are truly the best!”
Dan, 2017 solo swimmer


Testimonials from the 2016 eSWIM Rotto Squad

"Your hours of support, advice, wisdom and positive feedback have had such a huge impact on me. It's been an amazing summer under your guidance, and because of you I'm achieving more than I ever expected."
Kristy, 2016 solo swimmer

"Thanks very much for your great coaching over summer. I really enjoyed it. You run a very professional operation."
John, 2016 solo swimmer

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your training, advice and commitment. I truly believe that the training I received from you guys got me over the line on Saturday. I wish you every success for your future Rotto squads and I know they are going to be very successful because I am going to tell anyone that is doing a solo that they have to train with you guys. Thanks again, what an amazing feeling."
Andrea, 2016 solo swimmer

"I just wanted to say thanks for your help, coaching and encouragement, it made a real difference to me."

Jeff, 2016 solo swimmer

"Just wanted to say thank you very much for your wonderful coaching, advice, encouragement and general words of wisdom over the past 9/10 months to help me achieve the channel swim team event on Saturday. I had a ball and feel so proud of myself for coming as far as I have, thanks to you".

Susan, 2016 team swimmer

"Thank you so much for your support and guidance during the Rotto training season. I felt great and by the end of the swim I thought I could swim it again! So, thank you Elena and Lockey for getting me fit ready for Rotto as it made it all that more enjoyable. Definitely want to try it again next year."
Gabi, 2016 team swimmer

"I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you and Lockey. The training squad, the sessions have been fantastic, my swimming times over distance have improved dramatically. Just think, I could not swim over 3km properly, now I feel good, strong and my times on the ocean swims compared to previous years have improved dramatically - the best ever . You should be really proud of your program, it has been rewarding, well structured, informative, engaging, bloody hard, quality people, but importantly good fun!"

Michael, 2016 duo swimmer

"What can I say? You have been amazing the past few months. I have really enjoyed getting back into the water. It has been your help and support."

Charlotte, 2016 duo swimmer

"I have absolutely loved the training program. Probably the best training I have done for years. You are terrific and inspiring coaches."

Jenny, 2016 duo swimmer

"Thank you so much for unending encourgament."

Bruce, duo swimmer

"Your training was inspirational and instructive. Your respect and care has given me a new view of myself and for this I thank you very much."

Carmen, 2016 team swimmer

"Thanks so much for a fantastic summer. I've never enjoyed my swimming so much and I've improved so much under your guidance."

Alessia, 2016 duo swimmer

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