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2022 Rotto Squad - Merchandise

Every member of the 2022 eSWIM Rotto Squad who enrols prior to 18th September will receive a FREE:

eSWIM silicone cap from Vorgee in one of 6 colours

Caps jpeg


A lightweight  “I swim with eswim” hoodie available in male & female sizes and three colours - navy, royal or white

 2022 Rotto hoodies

 And an eSWIM peaked trucker cap

2022 Rotto peaked cap

Squad members can also purchase additional items including:

SaferSwimmer open water floats, Beanies, FISKI goggles, Vorgee Stealth Pull Buoys and additional hoodies and silicone caps.

Please check sizing carefully before ordering as there is limited stock available.


 The 2022 eSWIM Rotto Training Squad is proudly supported by

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